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  • Gumiju ar matu netīrs bun scrunchie chignon ar gumiju messi hairpieces donut sievietēm
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Gumiju ar matu netīrs bun scrunchie chignon ar gumiju messi hairpieces donut sievietēm


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viltus gumiju netīrs matu bulciņa

  • Pielikumu: gumiju
  • Materiāls Pakāpe: Augstas Temperatūras Šķiedras
  • Var Permed: No
  • Krāsas Tips: Matēta
  • Chignon Tips: Cirtaini Chignon
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: WIGSIN
Www Kitten 94
Good quality, look and color as in the pictures of the seller.
Delivery to the Moscow cloud-3 weeks. The seller-well done, answered the question instantly, went to contact, helped determine the color. Hair quality. On an elastic band. From natural do not differ. There is no artificial shine. Do not get confused, do not fall asleep. If you guess with color, Armenian is magnificent. Packed in individual bag. The purchase is very satisfied. To the seller-prosperity!
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Good honest seller. I received the goods. All good quality. I recommend the seller as responsible and honest. The store is good. I'm happy with the purchase and shopping. Have a good day to everyone.
I took my mother, turned out to be with a touch of hair, at 2 photos in comparison with the Russian hair color, natural, the elastic band is quite large, to the touch like harsh hair
Vasiliy Bytdaev
2 weeks to the Tula region. Track to home. Packing in bag. The material is very similar to real hair, it smells even some goat))) the elastic is strong, on the hair holds tight. The wife liked it, successfully picked up the hair color.

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